Saturday, June 30, 2007

Supposed documentary "SiCKO" opens in US theatres yesterday and my father went to see it. complains that offers businesses who would be squashed by universal government medicine the opportunity to counter Michael Moore's socialist propaganda. What is BoingBoing afraid of? That someone might have a chance to hear a little truth?

"This might hurt a little." - Michael Moore

You aren't kidding

APCW Reports: Jon Kyl ~ American Patriot

One man's opinion of Jon Kyl. Is it any wonder why so many people ask "Whose Senator is he?"

Freedom is Popular

Ron Paul in Kansas City, Missouri. Is it any wonder why people get excited about Ron Paul?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

In 1992 an article was posted, copied from a newsletter, reportedly written by Republican Ron Paul, congressman from Texas and candidate for President of the United States. The article characterizes black people as prone to commit crime, among other points. It has since been brought up by newspapers and quite a few web sites and blogs. I've taken the time to note a sampling of these articles. If you should come across one of these articles and desire to obtain a definitive answer to the question "Is Ron Paul a racist?" please research the issue and then read Ron Paul's words. I have faith that the average person can reach a conclusion in Ron Paul's favor.