Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I took time Monday evening to go to a forum of Republican Party candidates for congressional district 5. Among those present were Mark Anderson, Laura Knaperek, Jim Ogsbury and David Schweikert. Alongside those in the audience was Andy Swann a very clean-cut retired employee of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. I solicited a piece of his campaign literature and took the time today to review his web site: I visited his issues page and was less than impressed with several of his apparent positions. He is under the belief that "Educating our children is of course a critical role of state government." While that may well be a task assumed by government, monopoly government education has produced some sadly uneducated students and a billion dollar Arizona state deficit. The current educational system in Arizona isn't going to provide education that today's youth needs to compete.

In any case I am happy to see that Mr. Swann has put in the effort to offer the voters in LD20 (West Chandler and South Tempe) a choice in the upcoming November elections.