Monday, May 31, 2010

Alan Korwin, an all around good guy I know, recently posted a article on illegal immigration which I have a few complaints about.

He starts by throwing out two statements that to a greater or lesser degree are false. "Arizona welcomes immigrants. Always has." The first statement is certainly not true if you happen to have been born in Canada or Mexico. The second may have been true at some point before 1967 but in my entire adult life I have never known that peaceful and hard working immigrants have been welcomed to Arizona without overcoming years of government hurdles.

Mr. Korwin then goes on to complain that illegal immigrants educate their children here at taxpayer expense. That much is true but is also true for each and every child of legal immigrants and Americans. He further complains about being ripped off by government social services. I agree but the problem is the people that vote for government and the government programs that provide "free" services. I have taken advantage of a few government programs (unemployment from time to time among others). I don't see how the recipient is responsible for benefits given out by the government.

He does mention at a few points in his post about the laws enforced by Mexico on illegal immigrants in that country. This makes about as much sense as referring to European laws on gun control being a reason that Americans should be thankful that we have the US BATFE regulations because they aren't as restrictive as those in Europe.

As always I encourage Americans to read Let Them In by Jason L. Riley or this Washington Post article if they want to learn more about the incorrect arguments offered by the apologists of government immigration prohibition.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

"When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected..."

Is it time to get back to basics?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paul Strauss, an 8th grade science teacher, asks me via "since you're running for Treas. & voting no on 100 what is the exact additional amt we can cut frm schls before it harms stdnt?"

First I'll start with my personal thank you to my government elementary school math teacher Robert "Bob" Guzley. He along with my government high school teacher Robert Finkbine did a fantastic job.

I believe Paul Strauss is asking the wrong question. If I could I would eliminate every single government school from the great land of Arizona. I don't think that government operated schools help students compared to the option of a free market education system. I believe Arizona students would be far better off if the government didn't operate a monopoly system of education.

Paul Strauss, thank you for asking.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Borrowing, taxing and spending. Those three are getting to be the favorite bipartisan activities of Republicans and Democrats these days. I can't read the news for more than a few minutes before I hear that Senator Kyl and Senator McCain want to hire thousands more Border Patrol agents.

I have yet to hear that they are going order the US Army to decamp from South Korea which means they are proposing yet more borrowing, taxing and spending.

If you want really responsible elected officials, vote for a Libertarian Party candidate.

Arizona taxpayers deserve better than the same old lies from the same old Republicans and Democrats.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The anti-SB 1070 lobby is comprised of people and groups who are very attached to labeling any law they don't agree with as a hate bill. The problem is that the supporters of SB 1070 such as Senator Russell Pearce have been denying that with a straight face for years. Clamoring about a hate bill is going to be effectively countered by "what part of illegal don't you understand".

I would love if more people advocated the ideas that arresting and deporting illegal aliens is a waste of resources, is immoral and is unproductive.

The more angles you can successfully assert the harder time the immigration prohibition movement will have to support their position.

Every hour it takes a policeman in Arizona to arrest an Mexican immigrant would be far better spent arresting a burglar or murderer. Hector the gardener doesn't worry me. Phil the burglar does.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

When Big Business, Big Education and Big Union in Arizona all combine to advocate for Proposition 100 who will battle to protect the wallet of Joe Taxpayer? Tom Jenney and the Americans for Prosperity will. Tom and his merry men don't have the teacher's union to fund his budget so he will battle with words instead of paid advertising.

Luckily taxpayers outnumber members of the teacher's union so we still have a fighting chance of putting a crimp in the diet of government funded special interests.

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I am no fan of the idea of voting for "anybody but". However when it comes to elected officials who voted to tax and borrow so that the deflating financial bubble didn't crimp the vacation plans of the financial industry by voting for TARP I may have to reconsider. John McCain is clearly easily suckered.

His Republican opponent in the upcoming Arizona Republican primary was such a lackluster Republican that he was defeated by Harry Mitchell in 2006.

I agree with Glenn Beck's statement that it isn't enough for a Republican candidate to "...just to not suck as much as the other side."

The bare minimum a candidate must support is an audit of the Federal Reserve. Jim Deakin does manage this.

I hope that Arizona will produce a Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate because the US government really needs to be brought to heel. The US Army is still in South Korea decades after the war there ended. US taxpayers should not be funding South Korea's national defense.

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Bailing out bankers isn't popular back in Utah. Who would have guessed? (Anybody who pays attention) I am hoping that Bob Bennett will serve as a painful lesson to elected officials in Washington (and candidates for those offices) that voters have awoken and will no longer be hypnotized into the role of serving as batteries to benefit the Inner Party.

Friday, May 07, 2010

In addition to meeting Rebecca DeWitt tonight I was also able to briefly meet Arizona Green Party candidate for US Senate Jerry Joslyn. I'm hoping his next campaign video will be a call to end the US war on name of foreign country here.

Can you say $1 million per soldier per year in Afghanistan?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Recently I've noticed that elected Democrats are advocating for "tough and fair" immigration. US immigration law is plenty tough enough already. The US needs to legalize immigration for those peaceful immigrants who wish to live and work in the US. It appears to me that Democrats think immigration is a tough on crime issue when the issue is that crime *is* the issue when separated from peaceful immigration. The only way to reduce crime related to immigration prohibition is to make it possible for immigrants to live and work in the US. Given that Libertarian Party candidates are the only people (that I've noticed) willing to identify prohibition as the problem and eliminating prohibition as the solution I hope voters in November will support a solution (ending prohibition) to the crime that results from prohibition.

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