Monday, May 31, 2010

Alan Korwin, an all around good guy I know, recently posted a article on illegal immigration which I have a few complaints about.

He starts by throwing out two statements that to a greater or lesser degree are false. "Arizona welcomes immigrants. Always has." The first statement is certainly not true if you happen to have been born in Canada or Mexico. The second may have been true at some point before 1967 but in my entire adult life I have never known that peaceful and hard working immigrants have been welcomed to Arizona without overcoming years of government hurdles.

Mr. Korwin then goes on to complain that illegal immigrants educate their children here at taxpayer expense. That much is true but is also true for each and every child of legal immigrants and Americans. He further complains about being ripped off by government social services. I agree but the problem is the people that vote for government and the government programs that provide "free" services. I have taken advantage of a few government programs (unemployment from time to time among others). I don't see how the recipient is responsible for benefits given out by the government.

He does mention at a few points in his post about the laws enforced by Mexico on illegal immigrants in that country. This makes about as much sense as referring to European laws on gun control being a reason that Americans should be thankful that we have the US BATFE regulations because they aren't as restrictive as those in Europe.

As always I encourage Americans to read Let Them In by Jason L. Riley or this Washington Post article if they want to learn more about the incorrect arguments offered by the apologists of government immigration prohibition.

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