Monday, May 10, 2010

The anti-SB 1070 lobby is comprised of people and groups who are very attached to labeling any law they don't agree with as a hate bill. The problem is that the supporters of SB 1070 such as Senator Russell Pearce have been denying that with a straight face for years. Clamoring about a hate bill is going to be effectively countered by "what part of illegal don't you understand".

I would love if more people advocated the ideas that arresting and deporting illegal aliens is a waste of resources, is immoral and is unproductive.

The more angles you can successfully assert the harder time the immigration prohibition movement will have to support their position.

Every hour it takes a policeman in Arizona to arrest an Mexican immigrant would be far better spent arresting a burglar or murderer. Hector the gardener doesn't worry me. Phil the burglar does.

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