Saturday, September 16, 2006

I am not United States Senator Jon Kyl.

I would think that would be pretty evident if you look at the picture on the sidebar at the right.

Like some tatoos, people make mistakes they later regret. Choosing the URL of this blog is a decision that I will have to learn to live with.

Why I would willingly choose to incorporate Jon Kyl's name in a URL?

I didn't start this blog because Arizona has a US Senator who is indifferent to the human life (both American and Iraqi) being snuffed out on a daily basis. I thought that some human being might search on Jon Kyl and stumble upon this little bit of flotsam in the great ocean of the internet. has called me out on this and only now do I realize what a horrible atrocity I have committed.

This is, of course, but the smallest fraction of the offense that Jon Kyl has committed in his continuing efforts to keep Americans in harms way by supporting the Iraq government or the resulting deaths of Iraqis shot or blown to smithereens by good ole American bombs or burned to death by our patriotic white phosphorus rounds (I am sure they only harmed the guilty).

I am also not Jim Pederson who also supports the continuing idiocy that is the US occupation of Iraq.

I am not Richard Mack either. Mr. Mack "will do everything to bring our troops home NOW!" which is a darn sight better position than any other candidate for US Senate 2006 (AZ).

Just so we are clear on this.. I am not Jon Kyl and I don't wish to be Jon Kyl.


60wpm said...

I started 'bashing' Jim Pederson 3-days ago. BOOM! Today I heard about your blog and others.

My recent turning against Jim Pederson has soured my good relations and hopes for the Democratic party.

I now see that I just can't Vote Totally Democrat as a simple-minded solution.

On one of my blogs, today, , I finally came to the logical conclusion of saying it was better to Vote Kyl.

(Although I still speak out in favor of folks who I think are good Democratic candidates; at

Since I started this 'Pederson Bashing,' a few days ago, I quickly heard of your site.

So -- for what it's worth: Like a vast, vast majority of the American people I don't like the job Congress is doing. The latest poll, today, says it's still over 70% of our people Not Happy.

I was Not Happy, but now I realize that just saying Vote Deocratic from A to Z; from Top to Bottom, is not the solution either.

Thane Eichenauer said...

I am happy that you noticed my blog. I believe that most people wish to vote for the best candidate for the office and should not be afraid to vote fom a candidate because they happen to be labelled "Democrat" (or "Libertarian"). The driving issue in the US Senate election is the Iraq War and the fact is that only one candidate willing to say, and I quote, "I will do everything to bring our troops home NOW!" and that candidate is Richard Mack. I have enjoyed reading your site and I hope that as the election approaches and the electorate (and even the non-electorate) will learn something more from the blogs than the MSM.