Tuesday, November 06, 2007

As requested, I get a steady stream of email from Bob Lord, Democratic candidate for Arizona district 3. So far it appears that he is running a John Kerry for president 2004 campaign. Most of what I remember from the 2004 presidential campaign era is the meme "Anybody but Bush". Mr. Lord's meme of choice seems to be "I am not John Shadegg". I imagine for some positions, like Shadegg's opposing more government health care, this angle is sufficient. I am still hoping that Mr. Lord will add some positions and press releases that state what *he* believes in rather than casting himself as the anti-Shadegg. Hint, hint: there is the little matter of the ever-ongoing US occupation of the Iraq that you might want to mention sometime soon. Bringing American troops home to protect America is a rather popular position.

Just a reminder, "Anybody but Bush" didn't win. "I am not John Shadegg" is not a winning campaign slogan.

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