Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I went to the Republican party legislative district 17 meeting at the North Tempe Multi-Generational Center. The meeting started on time, proceeded apace and was a pleasure to attend. Mayor Hugh Hallman (electhugh.org) was present and even though he has no opposition on the ballot, asked for our vote of support. He also recounted his efforts the educate the members of the Tempe City Council on the need to hold the line on increasing our property tax. He reports, as has been in the news for a great many months, that the Maricopa County real estate valuations have been soaring and that unless the rate at which property taxes are reduced that property owners in Tempe will be dunned for 30% more via their property tax bills unless the property tax rate is reduced.

He reports that Council members Mark Mitchell and Shana Ellis have a particular challenge in understanding the priciple that when A (the valuations go up) and B (the tax rates are left unchanged) then C (the tax bill is going to go up).

He reports that Tempe City Council candidate Julie Jakubek understands this basic concept of multiplication. I hope to contact her campaign tomorrow and find out how I can assist in the effort to elect government officials who understand multiplication.

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