Thursday, April 15, 2010

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the April 15 Tax Day Tea Party at Tempe Diablo Stadium. I was able to listen to Tom Jenney (always a pleasure) and Gary Johnson (former 2 term governor of New Mexico). It was worth having to listen to the advocates of immigration prohibition Russell Pearce and Tom Tancredo.

I was able to meet in person for the first time two of my opponents, Barbara Leff and Thayer Vershoor. I am disappointed that Al Gore has chosen to support Democrat Andrei Cherney but given the fact that Al Gore is hardly someone likely to support a candidate that believes in the right of the people to keep their own hard earned money I guess it was a given.

Andrei Cherney apparently was unable to attend the Tea Party event today (or perhaps I just missed him in the crowd).

I was delighted to learn that Libertarian firebrand and assistant organizer Andrea Garcia will be running against Russell Pearce in legislative district 18 in the upcoming general election Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010. was seen on signs all over the event. Tom Jenney and the speakers all encouraged the audience to talk to our friends and coworkers about the need to defeat this unwise sales tax hike.

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