Thursday, December 20, 2007

Going by his last email to supporters Democratic Party candidate Bob Lord apparently thinks all he needs to do is repeat "I am not John Shadegg" enough times and people are going to magically forget that the Majority Democrats in the House have done as poor a job in advocating for the taxpayers as those congressmen who lost their seats in 2006. John Shadegg was not among them. Bob Lord needs to start articulating what he believes in rather than what he doesn't believe in. Bob Lord claims that we the people are hungry for change but I fail to see what the change is that he is promising to bring to us (other than more status quo). I do know is that Bob Lord apparently failed to ask for a speaking slot at the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers annual luncheon . I didn't see Bob Lord at the podium extolling limited government (perhaps he had a table in the back). John Shadegg did a very good job letting the audience know that he knows what America wants (less government). Perhaps Bob Lord was too busy repeating "I am not John Shadegg" to ask.

P.S. Bob Lord, no matter your spin on Mr. Shadegg's fund raising, shows you as $125,000 behind.

P.P.S. Bob Lord, you might want to take a look at fellow candidate (AZ-3 Independent) Annie Loyd's web site for some ideas. I can tell what her position is on the ongoing Iraq occupation and I think that is a good thing.

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