Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Right wing finger puppet says "I believe that Government officials Assemblyman Mark Leno, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris and San Francisco Police Chief Heather Fong want to prevent the public from defending themselves. Are they afraid that the peaceful residents of San Francisco, California might wish to defend themselves against criminal activity with a firearm they might purchase at a future gun show at the Cow Palace (originally known as the California State Livestock Pavilion)? The Cow Palace indoor arena is actually located in Daly City, California, bordering San Francisco."

Left wing finger puppet responds, "Naw, they just want to make sure that that visitors to the San Francisco Zoo understand that they would rather have someone killed by a wild tiger than allow people to own firearms for their lawful self-defense. Tigers and criminals will never be hampered by "illegal gun" over-enforcement, only those law abiding individuals who are prevented from arming themselves due to the chilling effects of autocrats like Gavin Newsom."

Voice from the back, "Perhaps they should work a bit harder on tiger control before they continue with their efforts on victim disarmament (e.g. gun control)."

BTW, the next Crossroads of the West gun show at the Cow Palace is January 19th and 20th in Daly City, California. If you print out this coupon you can obtain $1 off the price of admission.

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