Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I watched the initial take-off of the Ron Paul blimp. On one side of the blimp are the words "Who is Ron Paul?" with a subtitle of "Google Ron Paul" and I am told the other side shows "Ron Paul rEVOLution"

That is a very good question to ask:

A few questions people should be asking:
Where is the John McCain blimp?
Where is the Rudy Giuliani blimp?
Where is the Mitt Romney blimp?
Where is the Mike Huckabee blimp?
Where is the Tom Tancredo blimp?
Where is the Duncan Hunter blimp?

and lastly... Where is the Fred Thompson blimp?

And should you wish to know exactly where the Ron Paul blimp is, take a look at the map.

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